About Us.

We are an experienced crew of professionals who have decided to unite our efforts and create the first Polish film production company specialising exclusively scouting and managing locations while also providing an online location library.

Why Poland?

When it comes to film making Poland is an undiscovered land. In order to make our country a little bit more accessible we have provided a location library so film companies can check the range of locations, architecture and landscape that Poland has to offer. While you can check the locations for yourself simply by clicking “go” in our picture browser, we can give you some useful information about other aspects of film production in Poland, for example:

  • * Very competitive prices when it comes to location rental, hiring film crew or equipment. If you would like to find out how the budget for you movie would change if it was filmed in Poland, please contact one of our partner companies - Oto Film, www.otofilm.pl.
  • * Poland is still very hungry for filmmaking therefore it is easy to acquire permits and assistance from the cities’ authorities.
  • * We have fantastic and affordable film studios where you can shoot and edit your work, whether it is a low budget and small production or a full international blockbuster (please go to www.alverniastudios.com to see the studio we strongly recommend, a one-stop shop in Poland for filmmaking). 

Style of work

We look at the location from every angle, caring for contentment of every party of the project: property owner and the production companies. Being imaginative and creative we remain reasonable and aware of the budget restrictions.


It’s fast and easy. Search the locations by category or keyword, you can then save your favourites simply by clicking “Add to lightbox” without the necessity of creating an account on our website. When your search is completed and locations chosen please email us enquiring about prices and availability (please use the reference numbers of locations, the easiest way is to click "Send lightbox" and the numbers will appear authomaticaly in your email).

And remember: what our library couldn’t find, our location scouts will!

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